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- A.E.M.3 is a leading company in the national and international scene for the construction of hydraulic presses CE certified for each specific need. Thanks to the professionalism derived from a 40-year experience, AEM3 is able to solve every need and need of customers, starting with a feasibility study, followed by the design of the project, applying a choice of the best components available on the market and adopting maximum care in execution and assembly. A.E.M.3 has developed a P.C. system for its presses. for the control and management of work cycles, also interfaced with loading and unloading robots. Specialists in the production of HIGH DIMENSIONS HYDRAULIC PRESSES.
- A.E.M.3 carries out each project and processes the relative calculations with the support of special innovative programs that are constantly updated. DIMENSIONING OF FEM CALCULATION.
- A.E.M.3 implements with all its resources, solutions of high technological innovation, offering its customers a product that guarantees greater energy savings.
- A.E.M.3 realizes all parts of production within its structure, optimizing delivery times, all this, thanks to the remarkable and complete range of equipment available and the professionalism of the workers employed.
- Complete warehouse for PRESSE ACCESSORIES.
- A.E.M.3 is totally MADE in ITALY.
- A.E.M.3 has 40 years of experience in the field of hydraulic presses.
- A.E.M.3 has a completely internal production. We customize the machines according to your needs - customized presses - and we have completely inimitable delivery times.
- A.E.M.3 uses the best hydraulic and electrical systems available on the market.
- A.E.M.3 provides its customers with a fast and professional assistance service.
- for A.E.M.3 the most difficult companies are a stimulus to improve and propose innovative ideas.
- what has allowed us the conquest of prestigious destinations have always been our deep-rooted entrepreneurial skills, the commitment and professionalism of highly qualified personnel.